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Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by our blog. We are extremely excited and overwhelmed by what God is doing in our lives and through our adoption journey. 

Let's just give you some background on who we are and why we are choosing to adopt. We are a pastor and pastor's wife/photographer duo who have been married for over 10 years. We have no children of our own but love to surround ourselves with our nieces and nephews and the youth of our church. We get to be the "cool" aunt and uncle which is a pretty great thing.

We have known that we would adopt before we ever got married. However, our plan was to have a couple biological children first and then adopt from China. As it turns out, God had other plans for our lives. Kim was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly-cystic ovary syndrome) in 2013 after trying to get pregnant for a few years. This diagnosis does not mean that she is unable to have children, but it is hard to do so and causes other complications such as difficulty with weight loss, which also hinders the possibility of pregnancy. 

Moving on from that we had been researching international adoption more without ever really making any moves to initiate the process. Then God started moving us in another direction this summer and, although we feel that we will adopt internationally in the future, we believe that He is directing us to domestic infant adoption at this present time. We have connected with a local agency, Catholic Charities, and are excited to begin our adoption process. 

The overall cost of our adoption is $16,500. What is awesome is that the only amount due up front is the $1200 Home Study fee. This is our first goal point! Once we have this amount raised, we can have the home study done and then be placed on the "waiting family" list to be matched with a birth mother. 

We would be absolutely honored and grateful if you feel led to donate to our adoption fund! Mostly though, we ask that regardless of donation, please pray along with us during this time. Prayers are needed for fundraising, preparations, the home study, guidance and continued faith and patience in the process, for the little one that will one day be our child, and for the brave birth mother who will be giving the most precious gift to us. Adoption is about suffering and sorrow as much as it is about love and joy and faith. It is indeed a journey, one that we are trusting in God to completely guide and supply the whole way through. #AdoptionisaGodidea

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